Sunday, July 20, 2014


I love shoes as much as the next girl, but I don't splurge on them very often. The 5 shoes you're about to see are my trusty soles that I've had for awhile and always add the perfect touch to my outfits. Hopefully I give you some "shoe-spiration" (shoe inspiration) for your next buy!

I bought these sandals at Target almost 2 years ago- and they still fit! They're super comfortable and go with pretty much every piece of clothing I own. 

 Here's my loyal pair of Nike sneakers. They've been through a lot of wear and tear but a quick clean in the wash can make them look (almost) brand new.

 These white clog sandals from Topshop are incredibly comfy and easy to put on. I've worn them with socks before, but I also love showing off my toe polish in them!

 These slip ons are the most recent purchase I've made. They're from Kendall and Kylie's new shoe line (Not a huge Jenner/Kardashian fan, but that's just my unpopular opinion!)

 Last but not least, these slippers were a steal at Urban Outfitters- just $16! They do have a hard bottom so you can wear them around the house or to run some errands. 

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